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91 Years Ago Tonight...

...Sacco and Vanzetti were executed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and a society largely prejudiced against immigrants, radicals, immigrant radicals, and most heterogeneous forms and notions of living and thinking. Last night, the Sacco and Vanzetti Commemoration Society with the Dante Alighieri Society of Cambridge held an ambitious memorial event (details here: in which I

took part. As it turns out, there is a nation within a nation of citizens of the world still fascinated, indignant, and passionate about Sacco, Vanzetti, their case, their fate, and their legacy. May this population ever persevere.

I met two of these devotees earlier this week in Cambridge, MA (the Harvard Coop Bookstore Cafe of all places!) and their presence really impressed me.

David Rothauser (giving an always needed peace sign) is a filmmaker, actor, writer, and activist. His wit and being are radiant. Robert D'Attilio is a historian and activist;

a raconteur with so many sumptuous stories. Both men are fiery founts of wide-ranging wisdom, authorities about Sacco and Vanzetti and everything else besides. Not content to be single-minded or sectarian, they open themselves up to numerous, unparalleled, non-systemic fields of knowledge, art, life, history, and feeling. I raise a glass of possibility to each--along with a coffee (as pictured and purchased by David)--

and also my father, Tom Curley, who accompanied me to this marvelous meeting of minds and whose marvelous mind has always inspired. Thank you, gentlemen!

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