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Salud...Salutations...Future Fortunes!

On what is the first day of the new decade, I quote the last poem of Zbigniew Herbert (1924-1998) translated by Alissa Valles:


Forest of threads thin fingers loom of fidelity

expectation's shadowy bier

so then frail memory be near

lend me your infinity

Dim light of conscience a monotonous thud

measures the island's years in scores

and carries at last to a nearby shore

bark and weft warp and shroud


We should be inclined toward's history's dire shadows as well as clinging to the counter-intuitive counter-narrative of hope's deliverance. In the poetic words of my friend and mentor and Master Maker, Michael Heller, we should secure sustenance from what can be extracted from "EXIGENT FUTURES." Amen!

"Lend me your infinity" our memory go we ahead to the light, beyond time, space,

expectation, the conventional cast of accrued fates, fortunes, disasters, and faiths.

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