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Finally, Some Poetic Justice for Grey Space (July 2, 1970-December 4, 2016)in January 2021!!!

I have had little desire to place words on this site for months--a suspension that predates the pandemic but a prelude for many draw-downs and collapses, both personal and global, that ensued during this still lurking, living nightmare.

But now I feel positively pressed into activity again, on behalf of my much missed late

friend Grey Space (previously "Gg Re" and, before that, Gregory Spector).

(Grey Space giving the Qwee sign. Don't know what that sign is? Then you don't know Grey Space. But soon, you will!)

Four years ago this day, Grey Space passed away after a long illness. He was only 46. He was a poet, activist, anarchist, trickster, provocateur, and agent of the otherworldly and always-needed.

In January, his poetry will be featured on the new online lit website Caesura Magazine

( as part of the NEGLECTORINOS series dedicated to neglected poets writing in English. He will be the third Poet featured, following Henry Dumas and Hilda Morley. Dumas was introduced by the series editor WB Ozymandias and Morley just went live with an illuminating introduction by the incredible poet Michael Heller.

Check out these two poets here:

and here:

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