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Imminent is now NOW! Vanzetti!

Hot off the press, a press that is like a furious furnace generating fiery forces of radical textual radiance--PM Press--my edition of Bartolomeo Vanzetti's EVENTS AND VICTIMS is out now! Order a copy of a story that is so old it is current while going against the current. Here's the link: Thank you in advance for supporting your local (and international) Italian immigrant anarchist scribe!

Here are some pictures taken yesterday of more sites relevant to Vanzetti's case. After he was arrested for the Braintree crime he was also charged with a bank robbery hold-up on December 24, 1919 in my hometown of Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Apparently, he was identified by a paperboy who noticed that the robber ran like an Italian! Bring on the xenophobic follies of the Red Scare Agents of State!

Here is the bank, intentionally photographed in shadows to show the Menace of Midas...

Spot where B. Vanzetti was "identified"...

A view towards town center and bank from where Vanzetti "identified..."

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