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All Poets Are Thieves!

Welcome Part II

(Prometheus: a thief of fire & chronic liver damage: poetic inspiration unbounded!)

More than a decade ago, I composed a blog for a website of some close friends with the title "All Poets Are Thieves," a title in fact stolen from the poet Matthew Henriksen during a reading in the East Village way back when (thank you, MH!). I regularly discussed poetry, the theft of language, ideas, and bodies, and discoursed on a mischievous miscellany of politics, propaganda, and wide-eyed, exasperated witness. In this blog (why do so many computer and internet-related words sound like excreta?), I intend to preserve the energy and array of subject matter of that predecessor.

Also, besides enticing poets and poetry readers to visit this site, I want to encourage non-poets and anti-poets too, maybe even persuade them by example to take up the cause of our tribe! Therefore, I shall be topical, occasionally tempestuous, and in the service of verse, subversive, troubling the current of current events.

As the good doctor William Carlos Williams averred:

It is difficult

to get the news from poems

yet men die miserably every day

for lack

of what is found there.

And so, here is a poem to tempt you Titans of whatever craft or station in our "current season" of unmistakable misogyny, male brutality, and sexual un-license across the entertainment, media, and general North American sphere (my eyes are on the rest of the world too, ye brutes!). All Poets Are Thieves but Some Men Are Pigs!

So then, for you, a ditty...

Some Men Are Pigs!

Nip and tuck surgery

would allow for delivery

from the crotch and couch

perversity of male sex cruelty!

No Puritans We, but "allegedly"

as a term of legal prophylactic

tomfoolery exists and must exit

by the terms of non-negotiable

equity in actuality like,

for example,

the cutting of a quality

Hollywood film or network story;

most viewers know that editing

can be gory--so too the rip (off)

of the sub-abdominal lair

replete with rogue pubic hair

in a region more elevated

than the owner's conscience, I fear.


Proposition propositioned

in a spirit of pro-position

with theory ever leery

of the amnesty of quick amnesia...

I/We repeat:

"Nip and tuck surgery

would allow for delivery

from the crotch and couch

perversity of male sex cruelty!"

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